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sounds of our town

hosted by Jumping Fences


Welcome to the homepage of Foco Nuevo, the regular performance space for Jumping Fences, where we hold concerts on the First Friday of every month.

Our home base is Kurilpa Hall at 174 Boundary Street West End.

3rd May, 2019

Doors open 7.00 pm. Concert starts 7.30 pm.

We celebrate the International Day of the Worker in song, with guest musicians, The Combined Unions Choir, Albert Revelo and Sue Wighton.

And Jumping Fences is back at full strength! Don't miss it — you'll regret it!

Combined Unions Choir: Formed in 1988, the Combined Unions Choir is the longest ‘Art in Working Life’ project in Australia. They have sung at concerts, protests, May Day, and peace rallies; entertaining people with their repertoire of political, peace and social justice songs. ‘A movement that sings never dies...’

Albert Revelo: Uruguayan-born Australian Albert Revelo presents a synthesis of politically-motivated popular songs that evolved from exiled artists of the regimes of Uruguay. On guitar Albert plays his own rhythmic patterns fusing Afro-Uruguayan candombe rhythms to a classical heartbeat. The songs presented are not his own but maintain his cultural integrity and at the same time maintain an Australian persona. Albert brings forth his emotions through rhythmic prose and protest.

Sue Wighton: Sue Wighton is a Brisbane-based singer/songwriter and journalist. She loves to share her sometimes original and quirky, sometimes borrowed and heartfelt songs and her love of words — both spoken and sung — with audiences. She has been known to bake.

Jumping Fences play a unique fusion of Latin American and original songs, creating a sensitive insight into the daily struggles of people. This month sees a return to the big line-up, with Dan, James, Ross and Robbie joinng the song-writing partnership of Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse playing arrangements that move easily between tenderness and energy, supporting lyrics that weave a rich fabric from the poetry of everyday life. [website]

Entry is $10 and $7 (concession)

Cakes, savouries, tea and coffee available.